Saturday, 14 June 2014

Sarah's Review of Vampireville, Vampire Kisses 3


Vampireville is the third novel in Ellen Schreiber’s series, Vampire Kisses. Raven has finally gotten her vampire boyfriend, Alexander, back in her life and her town and she loves it, but their relationship poses some problems. For one, they can only see each other after dark at night. But now that they have time to enjoy their relationship, they are finding themselves extra cautious because Alexander’s rival, Jagger, is lurking around town. They soon learn that Jagger’s twin sister, Luna, is also in town with her sights set on Trevor, a high school student whom has caused trouble for Raven from kindergarten. They want to drive them out of town and therefore are sent on a search to try and find their hideout; where they keep their coffins and sleep. Their hope is that if they can get rid of their coffins then they can drive them out of town before Dullsville becomes Vampireville. And even though Raven dislikes Trevor and everything he does, she has to try and stop him from getting too close to Luna before it’s too late.

In this book, the relationship between Raven and Alexander becomes more pronounced, and you see the love that they have for each other. Raven is frustrated that the only time they can spend together is during the night, and that she has to attend high school during the day. And she feels as though life is unfair because the time they do get to spend together at night, they are busy searching for Jagger and Luna, instead of just spending time together with Alexander. The dynamic between Alexander and Raven is great. He is trying to be the protective boyfriend, but Raven thinks for herself and puts herself into dangerous situations too because she feels she can handle them. And as she delves deeper into Alexander’s world, she starts to think twice about her romanticized version of becoming one of the undead. She is realizing it isn’t everything she fantasized it being. I would like to see more chemistry between Raven and Alexander.

These books are a quick easy read for teens that are short enough that you can get through them quickly. Yet there is enough going on that it keeps you reading.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Sarah’s Review of Kissing Coffins by Ellen Schreiber


Kissing Coffins is book #2 is Ellen Schreiber’s series, Vampire Kisses. In this book, Raven has finally met the handsome, Alexander Sterling, and has found out a secret of his. One she is willing to keep because she has finally found love. Raven is finally happy, and her behaviour is so upbeat and positive there’s no doubt she is in love. She is quick to learn that even true love can have complications. The secret Alexander has to keep guarded is huge, but Raven understands. Just when Raven was truly happy and had found love, Alexander disappears without any warning. This leads Raven to leave her town, Dullsville, and go in search of him. She travels to what she calls Hipsterville and stays with her aunt in hopes of finding him. She immediately falls in love with the town; it even has gothic stores where she can buy all of her clothes, not like in Dullsville where she has to order things. The search to find Alexander turns dangerous when another young vampire shows up in her life. Raven must act quickly in order to stay safe and to keep Alexander safe, even though she has no idea where he is.

I liked this book about as much as I liked the first, but it had a little bit more action which was entertaining. It is a very light read, very quick to get through. I like that Schreiber doesn’t fill our heads with unnecessary characters or situations. Everything she writes has a purpose and has to do with the main story. We learn more about Alexander’s past, and why he behaves the way he does, and who he truly is. Spoiler alert…..Alexander is a vampire, which we found out at the end of the first book, but not in the conventional way most vampires behave. But with dating a vampire, Raven learns of the dangers that she can be exposed to. The love story takes on more depth as we have more of a look into how Raven feels about Alexander and what she truly wants with life.

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