Monday, 12 January 2015

Sarah’s Review of Dark Deliverance by L.J. Sealey


Dark Deliverance is book #2 in the paranormal romance series Divine Hunter written by L.J. Sealey. At the end of Awaken, Lacy and Michael were forced apart. Lacy believes Michael to be in Hell, but Michael is in Kentucky where he is searching for answers to help his friend, Evo, and hunting demons. He has found a new group of demon hunters whom he calls friends, but despite all of their hard work they aren’t finding out any valuable information. Evo has been sent to Mathrah, and none of the demons that they capture will talk. Since he is coming upon no information, Michael decides that the only thing left for him to do is to once again enter Hell in the hopes of finding and rescuing Evo himself. He hopes that while there he can put an end to Varesh and once again find his way back to Lacy. He has been staying away as he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to her.

Lacy is living in Oakland and is trying to once again figure her life out, after having her heart broken, and believing that Michael had been sent to Hell. She has found a new friend in Nina and has just begun her own business. While taking a form of self-defence class with Nina, she meets Paige, who she believes may help her find Michael and reunite them. Unbeknownst to Lacy, Michael does not need saving, and through both of their adventures, they find each other, only to realize that there may be an even bigger threat than they once believed. Now they have to work together to fight the evils that are growing. Michael and his new friends are put to the test, and Michael hopes that he is strong enough to defeat Varesh and the evil he is planning.

In this book, we find out more about both Michael’s past, as well as Lacy’s.

I found Dark Deliverance to have two major story lines, one right after the other, and one major theme I kept seeing was that of friendship. You really see what a real friendship is, and how that love will force you to go to great depths to help each other out. I think we all need at least one friend like that in our lives, to see us through everything and love us unconditionally.

Right at the end of the book, Sealey throws out another curve ball to hook you into her next book, not to mention the epilogue! Both the ending and the epilogue pull you in and I can’t wait until the next one is out!

One point to mention is that this book does contain mature content, it is recommended for 17+.

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