Sunday, 13 July 2014

Sarah’s Review of Long Drive Home


Long Drive Home, written by Will Allison, is a captivating story looking into real life consequences of our actions, and how our morality plays into it.

In Will Allison’s novel, we meet Glen Bauer, a married man with a young daughter. Glen makes one quick decision that changes the course of his life and everything he knew. He made one quick mistake, jerking his steering wheel to try and scare a reckless driver, that turned deadly. He quickly realized that there were no witnesses to the accident, other than his daughter in the back seat, so he makes up a lie to the police, his wife, and Sara, his daughter who is only six years old. Glen’s wife becomes panicked and decides that they need to do something quick in order to keep their family and Sara safe. While his wife is spiraling, Glen begins to wonder if the accident was really his fault or if someone else is to blame.

We see Glen struggling with what is right and wrong. His conscious plays a huge part in trying to decide what is the moral thing to do. You are left wondering what you would do if you found yourself in a similar situation. Would you lie to save your wife and kids and try to keep your family together, or would you tell the truth, even if you weren’t entirely sure you were the real cause of the accident? Were there other factors involved?

I love Allison’s writing style. He goes between writing from the viewpoint of Glen, to the letter he writes a few years later to his daughter Sara, explaining everything. It’s also an interesting viewpoint to write from. If we were reading this same story from the view of Sara or her mom, we may look at Glen differently. But seeing it through the eyes of him, and seeing the way he is feeling and thinking leaves a different tone.

Definitely a good read.

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