Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Sarah’s Review of Awaken by L.J. Sealey


Awaken is the debut novel by L.J. Sealey. It is the first in her Paranormal Romance series, Divine Hunter. In Awaken, we meet Michael Warden. Michael’s life was taken away from him and he now finds himself inhabiting a body that was not his, fighting demons that should not exist, while trying to figure out what happened to him and why. His quest for truth leads him to take a job as a university professor. He took the job to try to uncover the reason behind numerous suicides by the students. He doesn’t believe it to be because of natural reasons and thinks if he figures out why the students are killing themselves, then it could lead to answers as to what happened to him. He feels as though there is a supernatural element to it. In his search he encounters numerous demons from Hell, from which he has returned but is unsure why he was able to leave. As well, he makes a new friend in a demon hunter named Evo. While working as a professor, Michael meets and quickly develops a friendship with colleague Lacy Holloway.

Lacy has just begun to heal from things in her past when she meets Michael, and quickly becomes comfortable in his presence. All of a sudden things from her past start resurfacing and she feels as though Michael has some part of it. Even though there is something strange about Michael, she can’t help but fall for him, she finds him smart, attractive, and very easy to talk to. Lacy finds out quickly that Michael isn’t what he seems to be and Lacy finds herself fighting demons alongside Michael as they try to help one of her students who has tried to commit suicide but failed.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Right from the beginning you realize that Lacy and Michael have a unique bond and even though it seems dangerous, you are rooting for them. Her kind heart and personality are exactly what Michael needs amidst all of the torture he is going through, both physically and emotionally. The journey Michael takes throughout the book is captivating. I found myself wanting to keep reading to see what else he would discover about himself as he unravelled the questions and found some answers as to what he was and what had become of him.

Sealey filled the book with a lot of descriptive so that you are able to picture everything and have a real sense of what is going on with the characters in detail. The story flowed well from chapter to chapter and things unravelled in a uniformed way, not leaving you wondering what happened. Her characters are interesting people and are easy to understand. It made you feel as though you were a friend of theirs and had known them for years. Yet the mystery surrounding their past was very intriguing and I loved how she told bits and pieces of it throughout the book to keep you wanting to read. The story line is great and easy to follow.

I really liked the overall tone of good versus evil with the underlying romance. Even though Michael has returned from Hell, you are wondering throughout the whole book why, since he doesn’t seem to have the “demon” in him. Instead he is fighting on the good side. I found the further I read the more hooked I got and the ending was amazing!

If you enjoy paranormal romance then this is a series to check out. I just started reading the second book in the series, Dark Deliverance, and so far I am hooked.

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