Monday, 8 February 2016

Sarah's Review of The Last Angel by Stephen R. Burns

The Last Angel is the first novel in "A Desolate Kingdom Novel" series by new author Stephen R. Burns.

The story begins one hundred years after the world faced what is known as the Storms. The world is no longer as we remember, instead it has become a desolate wasteland, much of which is uninhabitable. With the Storms came what the people called angels, but these angels aren't what you would expect. They have fangs and are ugly creatures whose only purpose it seems it to terrorize the humans that remain. Most people could not fight and kill them, they just didn't have the guts. But then you meet Tommy. Tommy isn't like most people. When his family and friends were threatened and killed by these creatures everything in him changed. He could kill them. And the townspeople made him Sheriff of New Angels. Tommy didn't think anything could be worse than what had already gone down, until he kills the giant angel and is forced to make a decision with the child. What is to come has you on the edge of your seat.

Burns does an amazing job with his unique characters and storyline. Each character is so strong, well-developed and believable that I found myself drawn to them right from the beginning. I particularly enjoyed how both of his lead characters were equally valid and strong even though one was male and one was female. They both exhibited strength and stamina. It really shows equality through the ages. He uses rich descriptions and strong narrative to keep things fast paced. I found myself turning page after page waiting to see what was coming. His storyline was very unique and unpredictable. If you think you have it figured out, just wait, there are so many twists and turns and unexpected circumstances things just keep flowing. There is so much creativity in the world he has created and even though it is nothing like the way our world is today, it is easy to picture it through his words.

What I really loved about his book is not only that it was very entertaining, but it also looked at bigger issues, such as gender equality, religion, and slavery, all while being a paranormal fantasy book. It's funny how just because you are used to doing something a certain way you think that it's the correct way. Sometimes our eyes need to be opened up beyond our world, and see things from others perspectives. His book also shows us that two wrongs don't make a right. Burns also takes a look into how important friendships are and what true friendship means. How far would you go to save your friend?

I would highly recommend this new series to my friends. I think this novel is the first in what is to be a great series! Can't wait to read the next one, City of Slaves.

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  1. I have been lucky enough to get to know Stephen throughout his journey to get his work out, and as a fan and friend I am very moved seeing this review. But I have to say..."You ain't seen nothin yet"!!! his wold expands and his characters grow in an amazingly gripping narrative. Sit back, pour a tea and enjoy.


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