Monday, 2 May 2016

New Release! City of Slaves by Stephen R. Burns

Title: City of Slaves
Series: The Desolate Kingdom Series
Author: Stephen R. Burns
City of Slaves is Book #2 in The Desolate Kingdom Series
It had been a hundred years since the angels brought the Storms that nearly wiped out humanity. Only one great city on theWest Coast remained. As the decades passed, the people thought they were safe.
They were wrong. 
The angels returned, slaughtering a third of the city and enslaving the rest. Cale "Sendz" Edsen was one of the few soldiers who survived, but he could not escape the horror of what he had seen. Of what he had failed to do.  

For nine months he had lived out of a bottle,drifting into the alleys of the Empty Gate, the roughest and most vile part ofthe city, the only section yet to be swallowed by the angels.
He thought his life was over. Until he killed one of them with his bare hands. Hands that were stronger than they should have been. Hands that mirrored the creature he'd just killed.
But the angels know who he is. What he is. And they're coming for him.
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About the Author

Stephen R. Burns is the author of THE LAST ANGEL. He penned his first story when he was ten and has been writing ever since.
Despite his excitement over the release of CITY OF SLAVES, the second book in his Desolate Kingdom series, the most important event in his life happened in 2008 when he met his wife, Bethany, who for reasons beyond his understanding, fell in love with him. They have a couple of spoiled cats and between the two of them, live in a household overflowing with books.

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