Saturday, 31 May 2014

Sarah's Review of Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber


I am currently reading Vampire Kisses, The Beginning by Ellen Schreiber, which consists of the first three stories in her series. The first story is simply called Vampire Kisses and that is the story I am blogging about today.

In this story, we meet Raven. In the beginning of the book it places you in her childhood, and then progressively moves on to her teen years. The story takes place when she is sixteen years old. She is not like most sixteen year olds. She wears only black clothes, including black lipstick and black nail polish, and she hopes to one day meet and fall in love with a vampire. She has an obsession with all things dark. In her town there is an abandoned old mansion that everyone finds creepy, yet she is intrigued by it and loves it. One day she finds out that it has become inhabited and is eager to meet the young teenage boy, Alexander, who lives there. She hopes that he is the real deal, a real vampire, who can make all of her dreams come true.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the way the book began. But it does give you a lot of insight into who she is as well as a relationship she has with another boy at her school, Trevor. Once it reached the present day, I began enjoying the book more. This book is definitely geared towards tweens. It is an easy read, and even though I am no longer a tween, or teen, I still found myself enjoying it.

Raven is a typical outcast in the story. Just because she looks different, everyone in her school treats her like a freak, especially a boy named Trevor. She is used to it, but it’s not easy to deal with. I like how she has a strong character, and even though people may tease her or think she’s different, she doesn’t change who she is or what she believes in. She is true to herself. She has one best friend, Becky, who has stuck by her side through everything.

The story of love in interesting, it deals with love at first sight. And even though that doesn’t happen very often, sometimes we find ourselves falling in love quickly. It does do a good job of describing the aches and pains of a first love and how we feel about love when we are in our teen years.

Throughout the whole story we are trying to figure out, along with Raven, whether or not Alexander is a vampire, or just a regular boy. It isn’t until the very end that you find out the truth, which leaves you wanting to grab the second book right away. Lucky for me it was just a turn of the page.

Schreiber does a good job of describing the scenes, making it easy to picture what is going on. I didn’t find I had to think very much or re-read anything with this book. It was very easy to follow. Schreiber’s writing flows nicely and it keeps you wanting to read.

If you are a tween or teen, you are going to love this! If you enjoy vampire books, you will probably enjoy this book. But if you are looking for something with a deeper meaning or something that makes you think hard about situations, then I’d look elsewhere. This is an easy read and great for light entertainment.

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