Monday, 27 July 2015

Sarah's Review of Shopaholic to the Stars by Sophie Kinsella


Wow! When I finally landed my hands on this book I was so excited to start reading it! I have read every other Shopaholic book Kinsella has written and she has never disappointed me so far. And once again she nailed it! In Shopaholic to the Stars, Becky's witty antics and frenzied inner dialogue keep you laughing and crying throughout the whole thing. If you've never read one of Sophie Kinsella's books, especially one in her Shopaholic series, then I suggest you go out and grab one right away. The character, Rebecca Brandon, nee Bloomwood, is one of the most unique, yet relatable characters I have ever met in the pages of books.

In this novel, we find Becky, Luke (her husband), and their daughter Minnie, living in Hollywood of all places! Luke has a client who is a movie star and Becky is what you would call star struck. Everywhere she goes she is hoping to catch a glimpse of somebody famous. And if only she could launch her fashion career as an A-list Hollywood stylist, she would have it made, or so she thinks. Luke's PR work is for the famous actress, Sage Seymour, and so Becky's secret desire is to become Sage's very own personal stylist, but Luke is not too keen on introducing the two of them. According to Becky, he just doesn't understand the whole Hollywood star thing. While waiting for an introduction to Sage, Becky's dream beings to come true when she gets the chance to style Sage's archrival. This makes things quite complicated in Becky's world. She is thrown into what she thought was the life she always dreamed of, red carpet premieres, tons of paparazzi competing for her attention, but after being thrown into this world she starts to wonder if it's all it's made out to be. Will she have to give up what she has in order to be famous? Is this the life she really wants?

Kinsella's writing style is remarkable once again. She has a way with words that keeps things flowing from beginning to end, truly a page turner. Everything is written from Becky's point of view, so along with all of the crazy and funny events happening, you also dive into Becky's inner monologue. To hear the inner workings of her mind, you find yourself connecting with her. Her ramblings and justifications of why she does the things she does is what makes this book a star itself.

We see through Becky's struggles that things aren't always as they seem. What we see on the surface of anyone's life is just that, the surface. We have no idea what is truly going on in their lives and why they do the things they do. No matter how well you think you know somebody, there's always something more to learn.

This book also brings to light how important family and true friends are and these are things we should never take for granted. These are the people who love us unconditionally and allow us to make mistakes, but are there for us through it all. We need to remember that just like they are there for us, we need to be there for them too, because you never know when they may need you. Those of us who have found unconditional love in family or a close friend should consider ourselves lucky and to always remember that even though the love is there, it is a two way street. So if they are there supporting you, you need to be that support right back to them, don't take them for granted.

Shopaholic to the Stars makes you laugh and cry, it shows us darkness and light, and love in a unique way that only Kinsella can do. Definitely worth a read.

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