Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Sarah's Review of Tempest Rising by Tracy Deebs


Tempest Rising is a paranormal teen romance novel written by Tracy Deebs. It is about a young girl, sixteen, named Tempest Maguire. On land she loves living along the coastline of California and loves surfing even more. She takes care of her brothers and her dad, ever since her mom left. She also loves her long time boyfriend, Mark. Yet she holds a secret. One that has been pulling at her, pulling her under, towards the ocean. Among the water her secret hides. She is half mermaid, inherited from her mother who returned to the ocean years ago and left her to take care of her family. But now with her seventeenth birthday looming, Tempest is left with her own decisions to make. Decisions that are being made even more complicated due to a handsome newcomer named Kona, who's whole existence hints at something otherworldly. Tempest's heart is at stake, but danger also lurks threatening her life. The water's hold a world full of mystery and secrets, romance and adventure, but is it safe for Tempest?

This was the first paranormal romance book that I have read involving mermaids and I found it quite intriguing. I especially liked Tempest's character and how determined she was. Even though everything in her existence was pulling her towards the ocean's calling, she was determined to live a human life, unlike that of her mother, whom she felt abandoned them. Tempest felt a duty to her family and her friends. She had her brothers to take care of, and her father. And she was determined not to make the same mistakes her mother had. But we find Tempest's character growing even more during throughout the novel. She learns from what comes her way and takes it all in stride while trying to figure out the best possible life for her and for her family. She doesn't come across as a materialistic, egotistical, selfish person at all. You can tell from the writing that Tempest's character feels with her whole heart and wants to do the right thing, not only for herself but for everyone who is in her life. Tempest feels a whole range of emotions, including guilt, which plagues her throughout the story. The rest of the characters are just as strong even as secondary characters. It's easy to get wrapped up in all of the feelings they are experiencing through Deebs' phenomenal words.


The author, Tracy Deebs, does a fantastic job of pulling you into a world you could hardly imagine. Even before we enter the mysterious world of the ocean and the dangers and secrets that await there, her writing weaves a magical tale of romance and friendship that spans the times.


There are some realistic and thought provoking themes throughout Tempest Rising. Even though it is based in a paranormal world, we still see the struggles between right and wrong, good and evil. We see the struggle not only internally with Tempest as she struggles to understand her feelings and obligations, but also externally between Tempest and the danger lurking in the ocean. Another prevalent theme is of course love. It couldn't be a paranormal romance without it. We see Tempest struggle with the desires of her heart, but above all else, we see that love can conquer.


This book made you dive in and get lost in the pages. The characters are strong, well developed people whom one could easily relate to, aspire to be, or dream about. Tracy Deebs weaves a fantastical world of magic, romance, mystery and suspense. I am glad I picked up this book.


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